Ranji Trophy 2018-19 All Match Prediction, Astrology, Bhavishyavani, Who will Win today

Ranji Trophy 2018-19 All Match Prediction, Astrology, Bhavishyavani, Who will Win today Kon Jitega 100 % True Prediction Every Match Live Commentary Ball To Ball review, Man Of The Match, Man Of The Series Toss winner

Ranji Trophy 2018-19 All Match Prediction| Astrology

Guys as you all know that in India cricket is a religion and here various trophies are tournament are organised either at national , state or at international level. We re here providing you the details about the Ranji Trophy which is a national level cup played between the various states of the country and this is also a gateway to your success because f the player are able to perform well in this league there is a chance that they can be selected for International team. You can here get the every single information about the tournament as we are providing you the information you required. Check the article below for all this.

Ranji Trophy is the First Class Cricket competition which is played between the player who are speaking to their regional and state cricket affiliations. At the current their are add up to 37 groups, with each of the 29 states in India and two of the seven association regions. The opposition is named after first Indian cricketer who played worldwide cricket, Ranjitsinhji, who was otherwise called "Ranji".

It will intrigue see that who will win this competition in light of the fact that as of now Vidarbha is the current hero of the trophy and we will see who will win this time. This trophy is for the most part won by the Mumbai group and they are the solid contendor of the cup. You can see the points of interest of the match from here. We will tell all of you the subtle elements in a similar way. You can check the points of interest of the equivalent from here.If this match will go ahead with indistinguishable path from we have anticipated.

Below is the tabular representation of the schedule of the tournament the tournament will go for 4 months in the different rounds and there are total 9 rounds the final matches will be played in the month of Feb and MArch those who will qualify for it. And there are total more than 100+ matchess played. 

Nov 01, Thu - Nov 04, Sun
Baroda vs Gujarat, Round 1, A

Maharashtra vs Vidarbha, Round 1

Railways vs Mumbai, Round 1

Saurashtra vs Chhattisgarh, Round 1

Andhra vs Punjab, Round 1

Himachal Pradesh vs Bengal, Round 1

Kerala vs Hyderabad, Round 1

Tamil Nadu vs Madhya Pradesh, Round 1

Jharkhand vs Assam, Round 1

Odisha vs Haryana, Round 1

Rajasthan vs Jammu and Kashmir, Round 1

Tripura vs Services, Round 1

Uttar Pradesh vs Goa, Round 1,

Manipur vs Sikkim, Round 1

Meghalaya vs Arunachal Pradesh, Round 1

Nagaland vs Mizoram, Round 1

Uttarakhand vs Bihar, Round 1

Nov 12, Mon - Nov 15, Thu
Baroda vs Maharashtra, Round 2

Gujarat vs Chhattisgarh, Round 2

Saurashtra vs Railways, Round 2

Vidarbha vs Karnataka, Round 2

Bengal vs Madhya Pradesh, Round 2

Delhi vs Himachal Pradesh, Round 2

Kerala vs Andhra, Round 2

Tamil Nadu vs Hyderabad, Round 2

Goa vs Jammu and Kashmir, Round 2

Haryana vs Jharkhand, Round 2,

Odisha vs Uttar Pradesh, Round 2

Rajasthan vs Services, Round 2

Tripura vs Assam, Round 2

Mizoram vs Arunachal Pradesh, Round 2

Nagaland vs Sikkim, Round 2

Puducherry vs Meghalaya,

Uttarakhand vs Manipur, Round 2,

Nov 20, Tue - Nov 23, Fri
Bengal vs Kerala, Round 3

Hyderabad vs Delhi, Round 3

Madhya Pradesh vs Punjab, Round 3,

Assam vs Odisha, Round 3

Haryana vs Goa, Round 3

Jammu and Kashmir vs Tripura, Round 3

Jharkhand vs Rajasthan, Round 3

Services vs Uttar Pradesh, Round 3

Meghalaya vs Nagaland, Round 3

Mizoram vs Manipur, Round 3

Puducherry vs Bihar, Round 3

Sikkim vs Uttarakhand, Round 3

Chhattisgarh vs Railways, Round 3

Gujarat vs Saurashtra, Round 3

Karnataka vs Mumbai, Round 3

Vidarbha vs Baroda, Round 3

Andhra vs Tamil Nadu, Round 3

Nov 28, Wed - Dec 01, Sat
Chhattisgarh vs Vidarbha, Round 4

Karnataka vs Maharashtra, Round 4

Mumbai vs Gujarat, Round 4

Saurashtra vs Baroda, Round 4

Delhi vs Punjab, Round 4

Hyderabad vs Himachal Pradesh, Round 4

Kerala vs Madhya Pradesh, Round 4

Tamil Nadu vs Bengal, Round 4

Assam vs Haryana, Round 4

Goa vs Jharkhand, Round 4

Odisha vs Tripura, Round 4,

Services vs Jammu and Kashmir, Round 4

Uttar Pradesh vs Rajasthan, Round 4

Arunachal Pradesh vs Uttarakhand, Round 4,

Bihar vs Sikkim, Round 4

Manipur vs Meghalaya, Round 4

Puducherry vs Mizoram, Round 4

Dec 06, Thu - Dec 09, Sun
Baroda vs Chhattisgarh, Round 5

Gujarat vs Railways, Round 5

Maharashtra vs Mumbai, Round 5

Saurashtra vs Karnataka, Round 5

Delhi vs Andhra, Round 5

Madhya Pradesh vs Hyderabad, Round 5

Punjab vs Himachal Pradesh, Round 5

Tamil Nadu vs Kerala, Round 5

Goa vs Services, Round 5

Jammu and Kashmir vs Uttar Pradesh, Round 5

Jharkhand vs Odisha, Round 5

Rajasthan vs Assam, Round 5

Tripura vs Haryana, Round 5

Bihar vs Arunachal Pradesh, Round 5

Nagaland vs Manipur, Round 5

Sikkim vs Puducherry, Round 5

Uttarakhand vs Meghalaya, Round 5

Dec 14, Fri - Dec 17, Mon
Arunachal Pradesh vs Puducherry, Round 6

Meghalaya vs Bihar, Round 6

Mizoram vs Sikkim, Round 6

Uttarakhand vs Nagaland, Round 6

Gujarat vs Karnataka, Round 6

Maharashtra vs Saurashtra, Round 6

Mumbai vs Baroda, Round 6

Railways vs Vidarbha, Round 6

Himachal Pradesh vs Andhra, Round 6

Hyderabad vs Bengal, Round 6

Kerala vs Delhi, Round 6

Punjab vs Tamil Nadu, Round 6

Haryana vs Jammu and Kashmir, Round 6

Odisha vs Rajasthan, Round 6

Services vs Assam, Round 6

Tripura vs Goa, Round 6

Uttar Pradesh vs Jharkhand, Round 6

Dec 22, Sat - Dec 25, Tue
Chhattisgarh vs Maharashtra, Round 7

Karnataka vs Railways, Round 7

Mumbai vs Saurashtra, Round 7

Vidarbha vs Gujarat, Round 7

Andhra vs Bengal, Round 7

Delhi vs Madhya Pradesh, Round 7

Himachal Pradesh vs Tamil Nadu, Round 7

Hyderabad vs Punjab, Round 7

Assam vs Goa, Round 7

Jammu and Kashmir vs Odisha, Round 7

Jharkhand vs Services, Round 7

Rajasthan vs Haryana, Round 7

Uttar Pradesh vs Tripura, Round 7

Bihar vs Nagaland, Round 7

Manipur vs Arunachal Pradesh, Round 7

Meghalaya vs Mizoram, Round 7

Puducherry vs Uttarakhand, Round 7

Dec 30, Sun - Jan 02, Wed
Karnataka vs Chhattisgarh, Round 8

Maharashtra vs Gujarat, Round 8

Railways vs Baroda, Round 8

Vidarbha vs Mumbai, Round 8

Andhra vs Hyderabad, Round 8

Bengal vs Delhi, Round 8

Madhya Pradesh vs Himachal Pradesh, Round 8

Punjab vs Kerala, Round 8

Assam vs Jammu and Kashmir, Round 8

Goa vs Rajasthan, Round 8

Haryana vs Uttar Pradesh, Round 8

Jharkhand vs Tripura, Round 8

Services vs Odisha, Round 8

Mizoram vs Bihar, Round 8

Nagaland vs Arunachal Pradesh, Round 8

Puducherry vs Manipur, Round 8,

Sikkim vs Meghalaya, Round 8

Jan 07, Mon - Jan 10, Thu
Baroda vs Karnataka, Round 9

Mumbai vs Chhattisgarh, Round 9

Railways vs Maharashtra, Round 9

Saurashtra vs Vidarbha, Round 9

Bengal vs Punjab, Round 9

Himachal Pradesh vs Kerala, Round 9

Madhya Pradesh vs Andhra, Round 9

Tamil Nadu vs Delhi, Round 9

Haryana vs Services, Round 9

Jammu and Kashmir vs Jharkhand, Round 9

Odisha vs Goa, Round 9

Tripura vs Rajasthan, Round 9

Uttar Pradesh vs Assam, Round 9

Arunachal Pradesh vs Sikkim, Round 9

Bihar vs Manipur, Round 9

Puducherry vs Nagaland, Round 9

Uttarakhand vs Mizoram, Round 9

Jan 15, Tue - Jan 19, Sat
TBC vs TBC, Quarter-Final

TBC vs TBC, Quarter-Final

TBC vs TBC, Quarter-Final

TBC vs TBC, Quarter-Final

Jan 24, Thu - Jan 28, Mon
TBC vs TBC, Semi-Final

TBC vs TBC, Semi-Final

Feb 02, Sat - Feb 06, Wed
TBC vs TBC, Final

Ranji Trophy 100% Prediction 2018-19

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